The leading specialists of Latvia are practising in Riga.
We offer to find the best physician and resolve
your health issues as soon as possible.

  • Leading specialists of Latvia

    Highly qualified physicians use cutting edge methods and technologies of the industry in their work, while using the most advanced medical equipment.
    Our physicians are members of professional associations and actively participate in scientific research.

  • Defined cost calculator

    The price of an inpatient therapy includes the cost of surgery, anaesthesia, the required medication therapy and accommodation in the standard (double) ward of the clinic, as well as catering.

  • Broad specialisation profile

    - specialist consultations,
    - diagnostic examinations,
    - individual therapy programmes,
    - preventive and rehabilitation services

Medical tourism, simple and understandable

The local government of the city of Riga provides for the development of different health promotion, sports and healthcare services for the residents and guests of Riga.
Within the framework of the implemented investment programmes, the municipal medical institutions of Riga have received new appearance and content.
By attracting best specialists of the industry, these institutions currently offer a wide range of diagnostic, outpatient and inpatient therapy, rehabilitation and dental services in Riga.

Our's TOP specialists

Klientu atsauksmes

I would like to express my gratitude towards the surgery/neurosurgery department and especially professor Igors Aksiks for taking great care of me and making my hospital stay as pleasant as it could be.

Madara Kreismane

“Thank you all doctors and nurses for saving my kidneys. May God bless you all.”


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